The Creative Force Behind Auden Lueur

MaCenna Lee, affectionately known as XO, MaCenna, is the visionary founder behind Auden Lueur, a candle brand that blends quality craftsmanship with her passion of repurposing. 

Her journey began with a purpose to evoke emotions and transform homes through the power of scent. With this goal, she developed fragrances that captivate the senses and create lasting impressions. But MaCenna's commitment to excellence doesn't end with fragrance alone; it extends to every aspect of the candle-making process.

Inspired by MaCenna’s dedication to sustainable living and a desire to reduce waste, Auden Lueur's vessels were meticulously designed for repurposing. Each vessel has life beyond a candle holder; it's a versatile piece of art that continues to add value to your home long after the candle's glow has dimmed.

With Auden Lueur, we believe that quality and sustainability can harmoniously coexist, and we can't wait to see how our scents spark your own moments of inspiration.

"I have always LOVED candles - the coziness they bring to a space, the pleasant and inviting nature that a scent gives a home. In 2019, I started sketching ideas and taking note of candles I loved and why I loved them to one day create a candle collection of my own that was unlike anything I'd ever seen before and incredibly thoughtful in the way it was created and enjoyed." - XO, MaCenna

"When it comes to scents I can smell a "cheap" candle from a mile away so using a blend of quality fragrances was an absolute must for me. Also using a wax blend that was kind to the air we breath in our homes every day. I wanted each scent to be very complex and layered so when you smelled it you LOVED IT but you couldn't quite pinpoint why. There is truly an art to fragrance that I have been lucky enough to experience through the creation of Auden Lueur."

"If you know me at all you know I value second-hand decor and genuinely care about the impact I have on our world. Through my weekly trips to flea markets or estate sales and upcycling projects, I'm always trying to find ways to reuse and reduce waste. When creating the vessel for our candles, I wanted to make it impossible to be discarded. Something so beautiful that you're excited to cherish it even once the candle is gone. So with the goal of repurposing in mind - Auden Lueur's vessel is completely custom designed, inspired by vintage glassware and doesn't include annoying labels that you have to struggle to remove.” - XO, MaCenna

You can explore more about the founder and how Auden Lueur was created in a three-part making of series!