Creative Repurposing

After enjoying the warm glow of our candles, transform the textured glass vessels into beautiful additions to your home.

Explore these creative ideas to repurpose the vessels and contribute to reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Glass Vase

After removing excess wax from the vessel, fill with water and flowers. This makes the perfect petit arrangement for a coffee table, bathroom vanity or entryway.

Paint Brush Holder

Use in your creative studio to hold paint brushes or any other medium you create with. It can even hold water to clean your brushes with.

Elevated Gift

Use the vessel to create a beautiful gift for a loved one of friend. Simply fill with a sweet treat or small gift and wrap in clear cellophane and a bow.

Desk Pen Holder

Use the vessel as a unique pen & pencil holder for your desk or creative space.

Drinking Glass

Our clear vessel is food-safe and can easily be used as a drinking glass for cold beverages.

Vanity Holder

Our vessel makes the perfect addition to your vanity or bathroom to hold makeup brushes, q-tips and other vanity essentials.

Votive or Tea-Light Holder

Our vessels can easily be used to hold another candle like a votive, tea-light or be refilled with another candle.

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